Joys & Frustrations of 2015

2015 Joy  Frustrations

Happy New Year everyone! Today marks the second Blogiversary of The Ruby Kitchen. The past few days I have spent in reflection of 2015 and setting goals for 2016. Typically I like to wrap up the year sharing the joys and frustrations that came along during my blogging journey. It’s a fun way of looking back at the year at the triumphs and tragedies that happened in the kitchen.

This year was a hard year for me personally and was filled with obstacles, grief and physical limitations making it difficult for me to blog. Instead of dwelling on this I decided to share the Top 3 blog posts from 2015 and focus on the positive.

3. Funfetti Cake Batter Fudge This is one of the easiest things to make and of course, who doesn’t love sprinkles?! This was a huge hit on Instagram as well.

fudge 2.jpg

2. Retro Frosted Animal Cookie Cake This cake is time consuming to make but so worth it! This was a hit on Facebook and Instagram. Who can resist sprinkles and frosting in a fun flavored cake.

1 Title (no text)

1. Rose Pie Crust This pie crust not only was the biggest hit on my site but it was the top liked on all social media platforms I use and was my top re-pinned recipe  on Pinterest.


I am noticing a theme here too – you all love sweets! For 2016 I plan to bring more of everything. More sweets, more meals and beverages of the mocktail and cocktail variety. I wish you all a prosperous 2016!

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