Rose Pie Crust

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I love playing with pie crust designs. From a classic lattice to cutout shapes there are so many designs to play with. I also love pie crust – it is the best part of pie! This rose crust technique requires a LOT of crust. In fact you need two crust portions just to make the roses. It is a little time consuming but gorgeous. Instead of a typical recipe I wanted to share with you the technique I created to make this. I want to wish all of you a fun, happy Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and delicious food!

2 Wash

  1. You will need 3 rounds store bought or homemade crust (one for the bottom and two for the roses). Using a 1.5-2 inch round cookie cutter, cut circles in two of the pie crusts, leaving as little space in between them as possible.

3 Roll

  1. Lay five circles in a line with a small amount of overlap. Using an egg wash (one egg mixed with 2 Tbsp. water), use your fingertip to put just a drop of egg wash at each place the circles touch to help bind them together.

4 Cut.jpg

  1. Roll them together to form a tube and cut in half to create two roses. Set them aside until you are finished making the roses.

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  1. Starting at the top of the pie filling, gently place the roses in bunches until the entire pie plate is filled.

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  1. Bake the pie according to your recipe, except turn the oven 15 degrees lower than it calls for. Bake an additional 20-25 minutes to ensure the top crust is thoroughly cooked.


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Oh, and just a little tip. Make sure you put you pie plate on a sheet tray lined with foil or parchment paper. As you can see, I forgot to line my pan. The pan is now in the garbage after spending 40 minutes trying to pry the pie plate off of it. Oops!

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17 Responses to Rose Pie Crust

  1. amyclint says:

    Beautiful pie Jolena!

  2. Love this technique, it’s so pretty. Although I like a heavy filling to crust ratio, so it may not be for me.

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  5. My family would pick them off! They love pie but not so much crust.

  6. Teri Giese says:

    My goodness! So gorgeous! Not as difficult as I thought it would be! Thank you very much for sharing your technique. Signed up for your newsletter as well!

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  11. Margaret says:

    Thank you for this great tutorial! I can’t wait to try it!

  12. Susanne Manning says:

    I just made the rosettes and they were beautiful. I placed then on the edge of my sweet potato pie… sadly they fell off… and into the pie. Any suggestions for getting them to stick?

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