Gender Reveal (how is this so good) Cake

I could not wait to share this cake with you guys, and I was not even sure if I would blog it initially. Normally I do a pretty balanced mix when posting and I’ll do a bit of savory and of course share some sweets. I just had to break my pre-planned rotation though to show you this cake. Although it looks like you’ve landed on a baking blog, stay tuned. There are several everyday meals coming-including low carb, bari-friendly pizza! Continue reading

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Blue Goose Pie

Funny story with this recipe – I made it in June. Of 2016. #winning Also, I am judging my photos; harshly. Okay, okay this post is way overdue but it has been so far back in the recesses of my mind I forgot about it.

What really happened was I made this pie last June when gooseberries appeared and by the time I got around to posting it gooseberries were out of season. Normally, this isn’t too big of a deal because most produce is still readily available in “off season” months, but not so with gooseberries. Continue reading

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Frozen Pink Lemonade Sandwiches


Frozen Pink Lemonade Sandwiches from The Ruby Kitchen

Frozen Pink Lemonade Sandwiches from The Ruby Kitchen

I was thinking of a dessert my grandmother always used to make and it brought back some wonderful memories of when my older sister and I would help her at her Bed & Breakfast. We were young, maybe 10-12 years old, and she would pay us to help serve the guests. It was such a fun way for us to learn responsibility and the guests always seemed to be amused and impressed watching us in our little aprons and uniforms. Continue reading

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Taco Frittata

Lately we have been having Walking Tacos for dinner on a regular basis. We had them for the first time when a friend made them on a camping trip and they are so quick and easy! I have mine in a bowl, sans the Fritos. I cook up a 3 pound package of ground turkey for dinner and then I have lunches for the week for myself or freeze the leftovers. Continue reading

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Ice Cream Cake

Summer Fun Ice Cream Cake from The Ruby Kitchen

I made this ice cream cake for my friend’s grandmother who was turning 70. In the middle of summer a fun, refreshing cake seemed like the perfect way to celebrate! Continue reading

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Wasabi Lime Salmon

Wasabi Lime Salmon from The Ruby Kitchen

This light and fresh dish is a quick weeknight dinner, but elegant enough to feel like you’re dining at a great restaurant. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me. Between work, personal commitments, birthday celebrations and vacations I haven’t been able to prioritize meal planning as I usually do. Continue reading

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Tropical Moonshine

I am excited to share this perfect summertime fun moonshine with you. I must give credit to my husband as well for helping me develop this recipe because once the alcohol went in I was out of the taste testing! Continue reading

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Lime Poppy Seed Cake


It’s time for another yummy cake choice from Cake Slice Bakers! This month I chose to make the Lime Poppy Seed Cake and did a little twist with it. Continue reading

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Trail Mixes (and adjusting to a new lifestyle)

Wow, it has been too long friends! I’m sorry for my long absence but I have been navigating life differently since I had RNY Gastric Bypass in January. It was a decision I debated for over two years, and now that I am four months out from it I can tell you that I have zero regrets. It is the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. A quick note, if you just want the recipe then feel free to scroll on down for it. If you’d like to hear more about this journey, keep reading.

Continue reading

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Banana Loaf


It is that time of month again when the Cake Slice Bakers bake up a storm from World Class Cakes and share the results. This month’s choices were Thierry Busset’s Ten Layer Coffee Chocolate Cake, Greek Coconut Cake, Banana Loaf, or a Mandarin, Polenta, and Macadamia Cake. Continue reading

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