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The story behind The Ruby Kitchen started when I was young…

There is a strong connection between food and memories. The smells, textures, tastes – they all evoke memories in each of us. I grew up in the kitchen, so cooking and baking have always come natural to me. The first thing I remember trying to make was gingerbread cookies. They were the approximate weight and density of rocks, but my mom and dad smiled and forced them down. I was 9 years old, how sweet they spared my delicate feelings.

In the kitchen with my grandmother, Ruby.

In the kitchen with my grandmother, Ruby.

As I got older I spent summers with my grandparents at their bed and breakfast, a beautiful Victorian mansion built in 1889. I remember watching grandma whirl through the kitchen during breakfast time and for dinner parties. She was meticulous about how food was prepared and how it looked – even down to the china it was served on. We would spend time baking cakes, canning jams and pickles, and learning the essentials like how to make scrambled eggs (don’t judge, I was a child!). 

I spent a lot of time cooking for my family the older I got, especially breakfast on Saturday mornings. As I became an adult I grew more confident in the guessing game with food. You know what I am talking about – those people that say “Oh I just throw stuff in, I’m not good at measuring and I hardly ever follow a recipe.” Yes, that is me. I know, I know it is so annoying! I promise that I will include measurements. My hope though is that the recipes shared here will inspire you to start your own guessing game.

My Life Now…

I currently reside in Frederick, Maryland with my wonderful husband and two dogs, Sawyer and Layla. I have a regular, everyday job and in my spare time I enjoy trying new recipes and creating my own. I have a love hate relationship with baking. I am not the most patient person in the world and when it comes to baking everything has to be measured and precise. I love it though because when it comes out well it is so worth it! There is something very relaxing about it too. Well, at least when you don’t end up with a bowl full of cake batter splashed all over you. That is another story…

I hope to encourage readers to start their own journeys in the kitchen, or to embrace and cherish their memories from years past. I hope you enjoy!


Photo Credit: Amanda Summers Photography

Photo Credit: Amanda Summers Photography


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2 Responses to About Jolena

  1. I’m so proud of you! Your story brought back some happy memories as well as tears (of joy) to my eyes! Keep up that great work!

  2. Jessica McCoy says:

    Your blog is beautiful, funny, passionate, vibrant, and heart felt. Grandma would be so very proud sis… As am I. I love you!

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