Sprinkle Baby Shower

Sprinkle Baby Shower from The Ruby Kitchen

Wow I cannot believe it has been almost three weeks since my last post! A lot has been going on in my little world and I just haven’t been able to sit down and write during the chaos. We spent two weeks buried in house projects getting ready for a home appraisal. I also hosted a baby sprinkle for my best friend and the morning after it my husband and I hit the road towards Louisville, Kentucky. We had an amazing trip and I have some fun things planned to share with you from it, but today I wanted to show you how much fun it was to host a baby sprinkle!

Sprinkle Baby Shower from The Ruby Kitchen

Do you know what a baby sprinkle is? It is a smaller version of a baby shower for the second…third or even fourth baby. I believe every baby should be celebrated so it was only natural I wanted to host one for my best friend when I found out she was expecting for the second time. In my head a sprinkle is maybe 8-12 people but this one grew quickly! Genny has a lot of family and is too kind to leave friends out so we ended up with a big crowd making it a lot of fun.

Sprinkle Baby Shower from The Ruby Kitchen

I was careful to make ahead and freeze as much as I could to save me time and energy the days leading up to the shower. One of my favorite things we had was the DIY sugar cookie fruit pizzas. I made the cookies two weeks ahead of time and froze them so all I had to do the day before the shower was pop them in the fridge. Lemon curd, cream cheese fruit dip, fresh whipped cream, raspberries, blueberries and mandarin oranges were set out to top the cookies. The cheesecake froze beautifully and I placed it in the fridge to thaw the evening before and piped it with fresh whipped cream. I waited until just before people arrived to decorate it with sprinkles so the colors wouldn’t bleed.

Sprinkle Baby Shower from The Ruby Kitchen

I wanted to keep the decorations simple and inexpensive so I used the many cake platters I own and decorated them with streamers and toys. A few of the toys (like the softballs and baseballs) I got second-hand from a consignment store and the others I borrowed from the children’s center I volunteer at. I got onesie and bow tie cutouts and made banners and streamers using them. We also made a photo booth backdrop using streamers and painting tape. People are more inclined to let you photograph them at events if they can hide behind a silly prop! It also made for great pictures when she sat in front of it while opening presents. One of my favorite decorations ended up being the eating utensils. We used washi tape and napkins to make bow ties and they turned out so adorable.

Sprinkle Baby Shower from The Ruby Kitchen

We played the My Water Broke game, the traditional Clothespin game (using paper bow ties glued to clothespins) and “Name that Stache” which ended up being a lot of fun. We also did an activity while Genny opened presents. I got plain wooden blocks and people decorated them as they saw fit. There were a few left over so I sent the markers home with mom so her daughter Sophie could do a few of her own in anticipation of her brother arriving. I was honored to host the shower and cannot wait to meet baby Luke!

Sprinkle Baby Shower from The Ruby Kitchen

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  1. Bette Cuddahee says:

    You did an OUTSTANDing job and it looks so professional! Jo, you are the BEST! And what a blessing for Genny, Gabe and Sophie!

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