Firecracker Crispy Treats

Summertime if finally here and what better way to kick it off than with a mini-series of summer treats? Summer is full of activities from lazy days at the pool to cookouts so throughout the summer I will be posting simple and easy sweets in addition to regular posts.



Make these easy, patriotic treats to start the celebration of summer off right. Or get the neighborhood together to make batches for local service men and women or veterans as a thank you for their service.

For the sake of keeping these simple, I used store bought crispy rice treats. If you are feeling extra adventurous make your own. Top with white chocolate, Pop Rocks candy and sanding sugar and you have bite size firecrackers that take you back to your childhood.


Crispy marshmallow rice treats
Blue sanding sugar
White chocolate chips
Strawberry Pop Rocks

-Cut stars shapes using a cookie cutter coated in cooking spray
-Melt white chocolate in microwave
-Apply a thin layer of white chocolate on crispy treats
-Top with sanding sugar and Pop Rocks
-Lay on parchment paper until hardened, about 5 minutes
-Store in an airtight container at room temperature

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